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Absorption of methylene blue from aqueous solutions on activated coal CAN-9: kinetics and equilibrium studies


Keywords: Methylene blue, activated carbon, adsorption kinetics, adsorption in static conditions

The adsorption of methylene blue and the kinetics of adsorption of aqueous solutions on activated carbon CAN-9, obtained from walnut shells by chemical activation with orthophosphoric acid were studied. It has been shown that the adsorption isotherm of methylene blue from aqueous solutions on CAN-9 in the linear coordinates of the Langmuir model is a straight line (R = 0.99427) and is of the Langmuir type. The kinetics of adsorption of methylene blue on CAN-9, measured at two initial concentrations, showed an increase in Kint and C values with the increase of the initial concentrations. The process of intra-particular diffusion occurs in only one stage and takes place in the mesopores.