Romanian Journal of Ecology & Environmental Chemistry
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Romanian Journal of Ecology & Environmental Chemistry (RJEEC) is a high quality peer-reviewed scientific journal, published under CC BY 4.0 license.

RJEEC publishes Original Scientific Studies, Review Articles, Short Communication, Meeting abstracts, Conference Proceedings, all documents in English.

RJEEC is on Open Access Journal, all articles being available on

Article processing and submission are free of charge.

A fast, fair and constructive peer-review process is applied.

The journal is edited by National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology ECOIND in Bucharest, Romania.

Our journal cover all topics of chemistry, ecology, environment, biotechnology, technology and cross-related problems concerning research applied to environmental sciences.

The research areas:

  • Biotechnology
  • Clean technologies with low energy inputs
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Sludge management
  • Soil remediation
  • Wastewater treatment processes, technology and infrastructure. Wastewater reuse.
  • Waste treatment and management. Advanced recycling technologies
  • Air pollution abatement technologies
  • Air Sampling and Analytical Method Development and Evaluation
  • Indoor air quality
  • Odour assessment
  • Industrial Noise and Vibration Control
  • Biomarkers
  • Contaminated sites (soil, sediment, surface water, groundwater, plants)
  • Drinking water quality from source to consumer
  • Ecological risk of dangerous substances
  • Groundwater resources
  • Industrial soil pollution (hazardous compounds)
  • Pharmaceuticals in water, soil, waste
  • Sampling and chemical analysis of wastes
  • Wastewater quality
  • Assessment of water bodies quality – control of inorganic, organic, biological of water and sediment, microbiological contaminants
  • Eco toxicological assessment studies
  • Environmental risk assessment and health impact of contaminated sites
  • Management of lands
  • Management of health and occupational safety
  • Management of environmental quality costs and security
  • Risk assessment caused by waste disposal (gases emmisions, pollutants migration)
  • Water quality, water use: standards, permitting

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