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Removal of crystal violet from aqueous solutions using an aerobic granular sludge system


Keywords: aerobic granular sludge, Cristal Violet, wastewater treatment, inhibition test

The paper presents a set of comparative tests to evaluate the inhibitory effect of crystal violet on the respiration rate of microorganisms in conventional activated sludge and aerobic granular sludge. The tests were performed in similar conditions with the only variable of the type of sludge tested. The results emphasized that the aerobic granular sludge is less susceptible to the toxicity induced by crystal violet. The concentration of crystal violet that inhibits by 50% (CE50) the respiration rate of sludge microorganisms was determined to be, for the specific test conditions, 22.39 mg/L for the conventional activated sludge and 33.88 mg/L for the aerobic granular sludge. The paper also assesses the biodegradability potential of crystal violet from aqueous solution, in the presence of sodium acetate as co-substrate in a lab-scale sequential biological reactor with aerobic granular sludge. The experiments showed that most of the crystal violet is being initially absorbed in the matrix of the granules during the first minutes and subsequently is being removed with efficiencies above 95% within a treatment cycle of 8 hours.